Monday, December 29, 2014

Erinelda of the Emerald Isles

This was initially going to be an attempt to recreate one of the South American gargoyles (like Obsidiana), but I realized I didn't have the proper morphs/props to do so, so consider this an 'original' creation I've decided to call Erinelda (I'm horrible at naming characters ).

I consider her a 'druid' of sorts, taking care of some secluded magical forrested region (perhaps in Ireland).

For some boring notes: I used the Genesis figure for Daz Studio, and a "Gargoyles" morph created by the artist Dariofish.

Since I don't know my way around Daz Studio very well, I exported the figure to use in poser (which means I can't use any clothing on her, not that I'm complaining )

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