Thursday, November 27, 2014

Pilgrim's Punishment

A 'quickie' image for Turkey Day, featuring a busty Pilgrim Maid being punished for her misdeeds by an equally busty Indian Maid :-)

Oh, and to be clear here, she is about to be spanked, not cut or anything.

Its funny, but for some 'research' I did a couple of searches, for 'Sexy Indian, Thanksgiving" and "Sexy Pilgrim, Thanksgiving", and found these two links; the first dealing with 'Sexy Indian' outfits (I suppose for halloween), and the second dealing with 50s pinup babes (including Marilyn Monroe :-)) dressed as Sexy Pilgrims (both links Safe For Work):
Sexy Thanksgiving Costumes
Saucy Pilgrims

 Have a Happy Thanksgiving all!

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