Saturday, November 1, 2014


Even though its post Halloween, I'm going to continue with a 'eerie' theme throughout these two weekend days after the holiday ^_^

This image is based on what some so-called UFO 'Abductees' claim to have experienced aboard the spacecrafts of the 'Greys', the alien occupants of UFOs.

Some say that they have been captured and forced into 'breeding' experiments with either full members of the Grey race, or various Grey/Human 'hybrids', for purposes unknown: Grey/Human Hybrids

Despite my chosen pseudonym I remain very much the skeptic about UFOs.  While I believe that there is intelligent life in the universe (just probably not a whole lot of it), I DON"T believe that such life has visited us, abducted us, or performed genetic experiments on us.

As Carl Sagan said long ago, "Extraordinary claims require Extraordinary proof", and despite what "That Alien Guy" on History Channel says, such proof has yet to show itself :-)

Also, another reason for this image was just seeing other artists do 'Sexy Grey Girls' ^_^ (see some examples above).

Some Boring notes:
Of course I once again see the limits of my system when it comes to doing complex images; when I had the shadows turned on for some reason the image failed to render the bottom portion of the image (see the Alternate one for how the full image should have looked).  Maybe I'll be able to render better once I get a better computer, maybe sometime next year.

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