Saturday, November 22, 2014

Dragon Priestess

Returning to 'roots' as it were again, with my two favorite subjects: Fantasy and Huge Boobs :-)

There wasn't really any big idea with this image, I just felt like using a few of the items that have been sitting in my library for awhile; the Priestess' dress and headpiece, and the dragon beside her.

I do like the way it came out, although this was another one of those long renders due to all the Sub Surface Scattering on the skins of the Priestess and the Dragon.

I admit to 'cheating' with the full nude version.  I didn't want to take the hours to re-render the entire scene, so I just rendered the priestess alone and dragged/dropped her over the clothed version (look carefully and you can still see a bit of the dress below her at the bottom.

I like the character enough that I may try something 'naughty' with her later, but its always hard to use 'standard' sex poses when you use a character with such huge boobs  :-)

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