Thursday, October 30, 2014

Serving Justice

Taking a small break from Halloween themed images, here is a Mass Effect related one.

As I mentioned in another post, recently I have been replaying the Mass Effect series, this time trying to use one character throughout (before I first played the first two on X-Box, and the last on Computer, with a different character each time).

In Mass Effect 2 we are introduced to Samara, an Asari "Justicar" (kind of like the warrior monks of Earth): Samara Wiki

Since I don't have the 'parts' /textures to recreate Samara exactly, I decided to create my own 'unique' Justicar (whom I haven't named yet).

If I were to create a 'back story' for her, I would probably just steal from the story of Samara.  So, for my character, she is actually the sister of the asari who would eventually become the "Queen" of the Ardat-Yakshi .  (The 'meta' story reason for their being sisters is actually that the skin set for this character is just a variation of the skin used for the 'Queen').

Her purpose in life, in the Post-Reaper universe, is to find her sister, and perhaps find a cure to her artifically induced condition.

That doesn't mean, of course, that she can't have some 'fun' along the way and, unlike some other Justicars, she has not abstained from carnal acts as a form of 'meditation' ^_^

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