Friday, October 10, 2014

Ripley In Peril

Here is something I put together featuring "Ellen Ripley" from the movie 'Alien', totally unaware of the menace of said creature directly behind her.

The last two images are just a funny variation on one, and a 'Motivational Poster' I found elsewhere  :-)

I actually used a "Sigourney Weaver" face morph for this one (a lot like I did a long while back, although this one is much better:  Ripley Trapped

As I mentioned in my profile, one of my favorite movies of all time is "Aliens" (now "Frozen" is a close second :-)).

The first film in the franchise still holds a fond place in my heart (or is that chest? :-)) though.  H.R. Giger created the first 'modern' movie monster that can stand with the likes of the Universal Studios classics like Dracula and Frankenstein.

I went to see the movie when I was very young (too old now to say how young ^_^), and it was so scary that I still have the occasional nightmare about it all these years later.

There was one element in it that surprised my young eyes, though; the time at the end of the movie when, believing she is out of danger, Ripley begins to strip down to her undies to get into the cryotube.

Did I say undies?  I ment to say some very, Very, TINY panties!! :crazy:

For those of you who haven't seen it, here is a youtube clip of a part of the scene: Ripley's Panties Youtube

Must have been cold on the shuttle, since you can also see a pert pair of nipples poking through that thin T-Shirt as well..... *drool*..... Ahem, as I was saying :roll:

Now, this was the first 'nude' woman I ever saw on the big screen, so you can imagine my shock.  Combine wanting to see a nekkid woman with wanting to look away from the screen because I just KNEW the Alien was there somewhere (because the credits weren't rolling, of course :-)).

I'm surprised (and pleased) that it didn't give me some kind of sex/fear complex, although it may explain my later fascination with japanese Tentacle Hentai anime :blushes:

    Also, here is a clip I found at Hulu with Sigourney Weaver on Saturday Night Live talking about said scene in a skit (about 2 minutes in) :-)

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