Friday, September 19, 2014

Sil from "Species" by Bloodfart

Here is another one of my commissioned images, this time of the She-Monster Sil from the movie "Species", designed by H.R. Giger (most known for his design of the signature monster from the "Alien" franchise): Sil Wiki

This was done for my by an artist known as Bloodfart at Hentai Foundry: Bloodfart's Hentai Foundry Page

I managed to contribute to the image in a small way by rendering the 'alien hive' background.

Hey, being a sci-/fantasy nerd I can see sexy even if forms quite removed from the baseline human, although I do have my limits (I'm still not into the extreme Furry fetish, for example [apologies to any viewers out there who are ^_^]).

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