Thursday, June 5, 2014

Slaves of the Shokan

Here's a little series I put together after seeing the latest image by the artist Bloodfart over at Hentai Foundry featuring Sheeva from Mortal Kombat 'servicing' some of her fellow shokan ^_^: For the Shokan by Bloodfart

For this I used my own "Egyptian Themed Shokan Priestess": Egyptian Themed Shokan ,
looking over a couple of newly acquired captives ^_^

Some boring notes follow:
The last couple of images look different because, for reasons I'm not aware of, I just couldn't get it to render normally.  I tried everything I knew how to do to fix it (reducing render quality to one above 'draft', increasing the size of my systems virtual memory, using simple lighting) but nothing seemed to work.  I'm hoping this doesn't start a trend for my future renders

Still, it got me to use a render setting I've never used before, 'Sketch'.  Interesting look; maybe when I want to be 'artistic' I'll use it again.

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