Sunday, May 18, 2014

Halfling Pirate

Once again using Daz Studio and the Genesis figure, this time to do another take on a Sexy Halfling (read 'Hobbit') :-).

Maybe I'll update this post later with something 'naughty' between this pirate, the dwarven barmaid from earlier, and some lucky guy :-)

As I have said before, what I like about Daz Studio/Genesis is that you can fit most clothing to any morph used on Genesis (although I have found that it works best with close-fitting clothes; there may be a way to make loose fitting stuff like dresses look good on all morphs but I don't know how yet).

The idea to make this character a pirate actually comes from something I read in the old "Gazeteer" series of supplements for the old 1st Edition Dungeons and Dragons game called "The Five Shires", where it describes a halfling pirate and her crew.  Matter of fact, my pirate is more modestly dressed than the one in the Shires book (the artist drew a woman with a 'Red Sonja' bikini top; I wonder if he knew that he was supposed to be drawing 'hobbits'? :-)): 1st Edition Halflings

I've also noticed that I tend to give a lot of my 'original' female characters red hair, green eyes, and freckles.  Blame Comic Books, I guess (there seem to be a LOT of redheads in comics, probably due to the 'primary color' nature of comics back in the day :-)).

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