Thursday, May 29, 2014

Forged in Steam

The "Mother of Invention" from a previous image presents her newest creation, this time forged in the form of Woman, not man.

Some boring notes:  I saw a new robo-girl outfit over at RuntimeDNA (Called "Bionic Life Unit, or B.L.U.", but it was for the Dawn figure, and I primarily use Victoria 4 (and more recently Genesis when using Daz Studio).

So once again I went through the probably too complex process of using a program to convert the outfit to Vicky 4, although with less than perfect results (there are some errors in the head piece, and I can't put much expression in the face or it extends past the headpiece), but its good enough for my needs.

Of course I'll use her again in some image in the future (or maybe just bits of the outfit, I'm not sure).

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