Friday, May 30, 2014

Velma the Gun Moll

For no other reason than I had an outfit and hairdo and had no idea what to do with them, here is an image of Velma Dinkley as the Gun Moll of a Gangster ^_^

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Forged in Steam

The "Mother of Invention" from a previous image presents her newest creation, this time forged in the form of Woman, not man.

Some boring notes:  I saw a new robo-girl outfit over at RuntimeDNA (Called "Bionic Life Unit, or B.L.U.", but it was for the Dawn figure, and I primarily use Victoria 4 (and more recently Genesis when using Daz Studio).

So once again I went through the probably too complex process of using a program to convert the outfit to Vicky 4, although with less than perfect results (there are some errors in the head piece, and I can't put much expression in the face or it extends past the headpiece), but its good enough for my needs.

Of course I'll use her again in some image in the future (or maybe just bits of the outfit, I'm not sure).

Saturday, May 24, 2014

The Bosomy Blaster

The movie "X-Men: Days of Future Past" opens this weekend, and after seeing the trailer it got me to thinking:

Why is it that any super-being who shoots energy beams almost always has them come from their hands?  Alternately they might come from the eyes (Superman's Heat Vision or Cyclop's Optic Blasts), and I can think of only one case where it comes from the mouth (the mutant "Chamber", or at least it comes out of what's left of his mouth: Chamber Wiki)

There are other places they could come from as well, such as the feet, but that would be awkward, and yet other places that are downright vulgar.

Now, me being me, I thought of one other location energy blasts could come from :-)

So I proudly present the "Bosomy Blaster" ^_^

"Even when she was young, Virginia Sansbury noticed that she was an 'early bloomer' when compared to the other girls in her school.

"Soon she had to get custom made bras to fit her ever increasing breast size.

"Then, on her 18th birthday, her bosom size, and problems increase 10 fold.  She felt and even saw a strange energy build up around and in her body, but seeming to concentrate in her breasts until finally, in a feeling very much like sexual release, beams of burning energy burst from her nipples, blasting holes into the ceiling of her room.

"Out of fear she fled her household, until she heard a voice in her mind telling her to come to a place where she will be among her own kind, and could be taught to control her abilities.

"Now, as an adult, she wears a special suit that helps her control her destructive Mameric Blasts, and is a proud member of the Ex-Men"

Ex as in "Expansion"... *ahem* :-)

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Plugged into Purple

For no other reason than I was bored and kinda stuck for ideas, here is an image of an Asari from the game "Mass Effect" with a butt plug inserted ^_^

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Halfling Pirate

Once again using Daz Studio and the Genesis figure, this time to do another take on a Sexy Halfling (read 'Hobbit') :-).

Maybe I'll update this post later with something 'naughty' between this pirate, the dwarven barmaid from earlier, and some lucky guy :-)

As I have said before, what I like about Daz Studio/Genesis is that you can fit most clothing to any morph used on Genesis (although I have found that it works best with close-fitting clothes; there may be a way to make loose fitting stuff like dresses look good on all morphs but I don't know how yet).

The idea to make this character a pirate actually comes from something I read in the old "Gazeteer" series of supplements for the old 1st Edition Dungeons and Dragons game called "The Five Shires", where it describes a halfling pirate and her crew.  Matter of fact, my pirate is more modestly dressed than the one in the Shires book (the artist drew a woman with a 'Red Sonja' bikini top; I wonder if he knew that he was supposed to be drawing 'hobbits'? :-)): 1st Edition Halflings

I've also noticed that I tend to give a lot of my 'original' female characters red hair, green eyes, and freckles.  Blame Comic Books, I guess (there seem to be a LOT of redheads in comics, probably due to the 'primary color' nature of comics back in the day :-)).

Monday, May 5, 2014

Blonde Ambition, Gold N' Beer

Here's another attempt from me to create a sexy she-dwarf, this time using the Daz Studio program and its super-morphable 'Genesis' figure.

Boring details follow, so just feel free to oogle the images

In this case I used a dwarf morph for Genesis created by someone known as Dariofish.

Thing is, I like the dwarf body shapes he made, but not particularly the somewhat severe facial morph (and I just can't find out how to 'dial off' the face morph only).

So I went through the probably unnecessary process of 'turning off' the head on the base figure and putting another figure in its place with all but the head 'turned off', and then dialing in my own softer female 'dwarf' facial morphs.

I like how it came out, but this way means that some poses don't work (if the neck bends severely than the merge point becomes obvious), but I like the way it came out (also, unfortunately, none of the 'naughty parts' props/morphs I have for the Vicky 4 figure work with Genesis )

Sunday, May 4, 2014

May the Fourth

A quickie image to celebrate this most important of  holidays to us fanboys :-)

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Condemned to Death

Another from me featuring my female half-giant from Dark Sun setting of the "Dungeons and Dragons" game, Unatranna Quakeblade.

"In a recent arena battle she fell unexplainably ill and lost to her opponent. As punishment her owner condemned her to death, and had her dragged to the open desert and chained to a rock, to be devoured by the Mother of the Dust Spiders and her brood!"

Will she escape? Most likely (I'm too fond of the character to 'off' her in this image [kind of the same way with players in any campaign I run; I may gravely injure them but I'm just too soft hearted to kill any player's character off [permanently anyway :-)])

 Her 'naughty parts' may seem a bit off color because they were of course meant for a human skin (caucasian at that), and probably don't blend well with this fantasy skin (and as usual I was too lazy to try to fix it in photoshop).