Saturday, March 29, 2014

Victory and Defeat

Just a single, 'quickie' image based on something else I saw (Damn, the 'Naga's tail was a pain to pose)
The second image is a bit crappy I admit (I posed everything to be viewed from the front, and from the back you can see a lot of 'clipping' [parts intersecting with each other] going on)


Anonymous said...

Can you create a medusa art? :)
A naked man with boner turned to stone by medusa. Then medusa fuck him! Yeahh!! haha! :P

Robbin said...

If you hadn't told me that there were problems with the back image I wouldn't have known!
I'll grant that your fellow artist might see it. But for people like me, you could have said it was your Best Work-:^))