Friday, February 14, 2014

Break The Frozen Heart

"After officiating at the marriage ceremony of Anna and Kristoff, Queen Elsa feels a melancholy worm its way into her mind, and retreats to her Ice Palace to think on why she is feeling so.

"Unbeknownst to her, her subconscious mind knows why, and summons a solution from the ice and snow, a man for her to love as her own".

A somewhat LONG rant on the movie Frozen follows, with some SPOILERS, so be warned:

I'm not one to write 'fan fiction', but I hit upon this idea after listening to a review of Frozen by someone known as Confused Matthew: Confused Mattthew Frozen Review

In it he mentions that for awhile he thought that none of the primary characters would end up hitched, but at the end Anna and Kristoff do become a couple, if not married yet.

This led me to think that maybe Elsa would feel left out, if not a little jealous, that her younger sister, who she can finally reconnect with, has found someone else to share her life with (and NO, I'm not going for a 'twin-cest' angle or anything :-) ).

After all, Elsa has been taught all her life to "Conceal, Don't Feel", which probably means that she is a bit emotionally stunted.

In fact, I think Anna and Elsa's parents were a bit horrible.  They KNEW their elder daughter had magical abilities, but seem to do nothing about it until the younger daughter is injured.  Then they take the younger one to the magical Rock Trolls for a cure, and yet they don't take Elsa to them to teach her to control her abilities?!?!

Anyway, back to my 'story': Anna has shown that she can infuse intelligence into her constructs (Olaf, the Palace Guardian), so I say that her mind has created what she thinks is the perfect man for her.

Of course I can see this 'perfect man' showing flaws, (perhaps 'cracks' in his personality, although that wasn't what I intended to apply with the 'glass' texture I picked), and she will eventually have to destroy him when he threatens someone she loves (Anna, Olaf, even Arendell itself).

I may do a nude render later, but this, like my first Elsa image, this wasn't intended to be erotic (I guess even I have too much respect for some sources to render them 'naughty' [probably why you see no Belle {Beauty and the Beast} images, my favorite Disney movie, although this is a close second).

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