Monday, January 6, 2014

Morwyn Nerdbane

This is my take on the character "Morwyn Nerdbane", from an episode of American Dad called "Dungeons and Wagons" :-): "Dungeons and Wagons" episode of American Dad Wiki

In the episode Haley Smith tries to get back with her boyfriend, who has become obsessed with the online game that her brother plays, and hijinks ensue ^_^

I really liked the design of Nerdbane, and it shows that the artists for the show can draw in a style other than the ultra-cartoony style of all the Seth McFarlane shows.

The reason for the last image is because, at the end of the episode, she hooked up with another player who's avatar was a winged minotaur ^_^

I did some other screen caps which can be seen in the links below:

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