Friday, January 17, 2014

Fortune Teller

Nothing really special here, just a dark skinned Fortune Teller with her 'orbs' on the table ^_^

Funny how this image 'evolved' though; at first I just wanted to make an image of a woman with huge boobs on a table.  Thought that looked kind of dull, so I kept adding stuff until I got this :-)


Anonymous said...

could you do more images with her? maybe she is using an orb as well..and it conjures tentacles!

Slid said...

I think your work is terrific and very imaginative. And judging by your output, you're a MACHINE!!! Keep it up!

Slid said...

Any chance of you putting "Follow" button up so I can direct some traffic to you from my blog?

Chup@Cabra said...

To Anon: Thanks for the comment. I'm not sure what I"ll do with her next though; I seem to have kind of lost my taste for 'tentacle hentai' lately (if it wasn't for being a special request, I wouldn't have done the Wonder Woman series I did earlier).

To Slid: Thanks for the compliment as well ^_^

I'll have to look up how to add a 'follow' button to the blog (didn't even know you could do that).

Anonymous said...

ok. fair enough, how about disembodied cocks or "spirits" ...or better yet/ funnier..her furniture gets possed and comes alive for her lusty body. Could you do that as a request:)