Monday, January 27, 2014

Dungeons and Dragons Races

I did this image to, in part,  help celebrate the 'birthday' of perhaps my favorite game ever, the "Dungeons and Dragons" Role-Playing Game which, according to best estimates, turns 40 years old on January 26th :-): D&D 40th Anniversary

I have seen many images over time which compare the relative sizes of the various races of the 'standard' Dungeons and Dragons setting, and so this is my attempt to do the same (using the 3.5 version of the D&D rules as a guide).

In the game the Drow, or 'Dark Elves', don't really have African-American features, but I decided "what the hell" and gave her a "Black" face morph.

The D&D game, and Role-Playing Games in general, has probably been the means by which I have come to know most of the people I call friend today (and to be honest, a couple of Lifelong Enemies as well  :fork:).

I don't play today nowhere near as much as I did back in the day, but every now and then some of the old gang get together for a one night session (and I still have fun fine tuning my own 'house rules' for a so-called Perfect Campaign [which I will probably never run :-(]).

I'll probably edit this post later, since I want to add at least 2 other races ('Halfling' [read Hobbit] and Half-Orc).  I've decided to leave off the Gnome and the Half-Elf, since they are already very similar to the Halfling and Elf respectively (and of course, I may do a mega-boobed variation on the whole thing as well, gotta be me :-)).

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