Saturday, December 28, 2013

Under the Dark Sun

"On the desert world of Athas, a Half-Giant gladiator-slave enjoys with her mate (and opponent) the literal fruits that her victories in the arena have granted her, before venturing out once again to prove her worth to her noble master, and perhaps... finally... win her freedom as well"

Don't know if I'll make a 'naughty' series out of this, though.

I've always been a fan of the Dark Sun setting for the Dungeons and Dragons game, and have spent some time trying to come up with a "Pathfinder" compatible rules version of the setting.

One thing I do like about the 4th Edition version of Dark Sun is how their Half-Giants look; actually they incorporated the race from the 3.5 Edition called "Goliaths":  Goliath Race Wiki

My version was inspired by this image in particular: Dark Sun Goliath Battlemind

My Goliath/Half-Giant is actually larger than the male in the image by 20 percent, you just can't tell unless they are standing together.

Don't know if I will ever play my version of Dark Sun (the people I used to play with are scattered now, and new players are hard to come across), but I do have fun fine tuning my 'house rules' :-)

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