Sunday, December 1, 2013

Minotaur's Tribute

 "A woman from a small village lies on the cold stone altar, bravely accepting her chosen fate as the Tribute to the Minotaur; so that it might not raid her village for another year".

Just to be clear, in my 'story' the Minotaur doesn't eat her, but he may train his 'wives' in the ways of combat so they can serve as his own personal, Lady Barbarian Harem ^_^

An image I put together after seeing a similar one at another forum, and a different version for posting at a non X-rated forum.

It is based on the work an artist by the name of GreyGarou did as a commission for someone else, but I liked it enough to do my own version.

HERE is a link to some of his work.

Edit: Added a few more images


Dong Blak said...

The girl's face looks great.

Kame_genius said...

Great work, very erotic.
I love seing this beautiful blonde being taken by that huge minautor

Chup@Cabra said...

Glad you all like it ^_^

Since I have this scene 'saved', its always something I could come back to in time.