Sunday, October 20, 2013

Pyramid's Scheme

"Pyramid Head takes two of his favorite ladies for a night out in the town of Silent Hill"

The character on the left is not from the game, just something I put together that had the same 'feel' as critters from that setting.

I've never played Silent Hill 2, in which Pyramid Head made his appearance, but I hear its the best game of the series (maybe if I can find a version for the computer I'll pick it up).

This is an image where nearly all of the outfits are freebies from ShareCG, the ones for the ladies are made by someone known as Ghastly (appropriately enough). Likewise Pyramid Helmet is made by Uwe G., and the loincloth I can't recall just now (but thanks to all for the great freebies :-))


G Money said...

You definitely need to play SH2. It's a fantastic horror/psychological game. Your pyramid head is dead on.

Chup@Cabra said...

Thanks :-)

All credit for PH goes to Uwe G.,though, who made the helmet prop.

I think I will try to find a computer version of SH2, Steam or another service like it probably has one for sale.