Sunday, May 19, 2013

Quarian Pole Dancer

Since I'm in another "Mass Effect" mood (and probably will be for another couple of months, as I replay all the games before putting them away for a LONG time afterwards), here is my attempt at making a sexy Quarian 'stripper', like you might see in the "Fornax" works by Zakuman and others:

My 'justification' for all the 'glowy bits' on her containment suit is that they are generating a 'barrier' around her exposed bits, invisible to the eye. Why not just appear nude then? Well, you expect to see a Quarian in some kind of containment suit, don't you (and its sexier if the suit is partially transparent :-)).
 I'm not sure if I like the skin texture I used, so I might use another for any future Quarian images.

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