Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Medusa and the Elf Prince

"In order to insure peace between their two kingdoms, the Elven Prince agrees to meet with the Queen of the Medusa in her boudoir" :-)

I was inspired to do this series of images by seeing something similar by the artist Aeolus: Battling the Gorgon , and Attacking the Gorgon

This is one of my first times using the 'advanced' skins (with so-called 'sub-surface scattering' effect to look more like real skin [ironically on the medusa [and the elf's member  :-)]).

My system is still not up to doing such as well as I thought, though, it took several tries on each image to get it to render fully, but overall I like the look (I also used other light sets as well)


jungleelf said...

This is a good love story in the making.

Chup@Cabra said...

Well, a "Lust" story at least ^_^

Drake said...

Can you not create a image when medusa turn him to stone while he have a big boner?

Like tree images.
First one he have a boner and he stand in a sex pose like "im ready to be you sexy statue now. Turn me hard!" Then second image medusa turn him into stone. While he is turning to stone, a cum beam is coming out but it also turned to stone.

The third image, medusa fuck him!



Love your blog!