Monday, April 22, 2013

Erotic Earth (Alliance)-Commander Shepard

The artist T.Catt has an ongoing thing he is calling the Erotic Earth Project.
In his own words:
" The concept is to redesign popular characters as if they existed or were created in a hyper-sexualized world without sexual morés and very few taboos; where everyone is beautiful, healthy and horny and the public exposure of one's "happy parts" (ignoring the logical problems that entails) is the social norm."

So here is something I put together with a armor set I have that looks a bit like something Commander Shepard would wear, I just made certain parts invisible (I toyed with making them look like clear plastic or even 'Mass Effect' fields, but in the end stayed with invisible because it looked better).

I probably should have rendered it larger, so I may go back and re-render later.

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