Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Response to q99

Recently I got a e-mail from someone by the name of Q99; I tried to respond but for some reason the eturn e-mail kept bouncing.

So, hoping that this person is still reading my blog, here the response is here:

To q99:

Thanks for the kind words

I don't really consider myself an 'artist', since I just use a 'leggo blocks' program to make my images; that's why I don't post much at ComeroticaCorner (except that last image, which was inspired by the work of T.Catt).

and yes, over 7 years I have gotten marginally better (has a lot to do with a better system and a load more add ons to Poser ).

As to the 'Abduction' series; I can't remember why now, but I thinkI  only posted those three because I thought they were the 'best' of the series (and I've long since lost the others in one of my many crashes over the years ).

Here's one additional one I posted over at Deviantart, though (and I think the 'best' of them all): http://tinyurl.com/bcrpw4s

I just picked up an 'alien organic sleeper pod' set recently, so maybe I'll revisit the theme sometime soon.

Thanks again for liking what I laughingly call 'art'
If you have any suggestions, feel free to let me know (no promises, but I'm inclined to be kind to those who stroke my ego )


Q99 said...

Suggestions? I have a couple things I like to see ^^

For a specific idea- since there's Mystique and Rogue, how about Male Mystique sticking a bun in her oven?

More generally, just to state a couple likes.
I do like the series that have a pregnancy at the end... I also like Ashoka... orcs with girls of other species (both the Orc/Elf and Orc/Gnome ones you've done have been nice)... weird alien sex (like the secretary one)...

Q99 said...

Oooh, or even better idea: Ashoka and Darth Talon!