Thursday, February 21, 2013

Getting the Kinks Out

This is my second attempt at using Daz Studio (and the Genesis figure), this time to try another take on a sexy she-dwarf :-)

No big idea behind this one, so lets just say that a human fighter is going to the 'dwarven' section of a city ("Little Erebore"? "Dwarf Town"? :-)), to visit a dwarven masseuse to work out the 'kinks' in his muscles ^_^

With Genesis I should no longer have the problem of the 'breaks' you might notice on the calves/forearms of my previous dwarf renders. Also, since Daz auto-fits clothing, I should be able to make fully clothed images (like that will ever happen :-) ).


jungleelf said...

what is about she dwarfs that make them so sexy :-S Is it there perfect curves and stout stature?

Chup@Cabra said...

This is a relatively 'new' focus for me :-)

I didn't think of dwarves being at all sexy until I saw the work of two artists in particular:

and Malcolm Douglas: