Monday, December 24, 2012

Mrs Claus Adventures

"Its that time of year again when the Old Fuss Bucket is off delivering his gifts to all the Good Boys and Girls of the world.

"Meanwhile, Mrs. Claus invites a special guest over, the Wild Huntsman, the magical entity responsible for granting Mr. Claus his Flying Reindeer; and she introduces him to a certain elf who has also been eager to meet him" ^_^

The "Wild Huntsman" thing was just something I pulled out of thin air as an excuse to do a three-way series of images (but then again, movies like "The Guardians" take a lot of lee way with beloved Holiday mythological figures like the Easter Bunny and even a sword-weilding, tattooed Saint Nick ^_^): Rise of the Guardians Wiki

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jungleelf said...

Lucky bastard :> I have idea how about I saw daddy/brother screwing Mrs. Claus last night.