Monday, November 26, 2012

Azula Unhinged

I think I should put 'Spoiler Warning' on this pic, but I think I'm the only one who didn't know how "Avatar: The Last Airbender" ended :-)

I have some thoughts on the series, so prepare fpr a Long Rant to follow

Overall, I really enjoyed the series. It had that right mix of seriousness and comedy that you might see in something Joss Weadon (or Peter David) might write.

I liked the episode "Beach" (I think it was called), not only for the obvious reason that it showed some of the principal females in bikinis :-); but also because it reminded you of the relative young ages of the antagonist/protagonist, and some of the difficulties they had to deal with as well.

Also, in that episode, for the first time I saw the true Bat Guano Crazy in Azula's eyes; even in day to day life everything was about conquering/crushing her opponent (even in vollyball :-)), and when she talked about how 'sharp' a guy was dresed, and compared it to the hull of a ship being pierced and sunken, killing all aboard 0_0

For the final episode, though, I kind of felt her desent into total(?) madness seemed a bit too quick, though. True, her friends had abandoned her, and her father didn't let her come along to destroy Earth Nation (perhaps giving her a feeling of abandonment), but he gave her the title of Fire Lord, which I don't see as a bad thing at all from her viewpoint.

I'm suprised that no one died in the final confrontation, though; I at least expected Zuko to die when he blocked what looked like a deadly blast aimed at Katara. Then again, this was a Nickelodeon show, so showing death was probably forbidden (like how the Warden in that prison engaged in 'torture' by making an inmate Very Uncomfortable, bu holding him upside down :-)).

I'll move on to "The Legend of Korra" probably next week, after taking a break after last weeks marathon viewing (stayed up til 4 a.m. last monday watching the remainder of the series :-)).

I do have some thoughts on the movie as well, that might not make people too happy: I kinda liked it ^^;

Sure, the acting wasn't that great (and I kept wanting to laugh at whatever Assiv Mandvi said, after only seeing him on "Daily Show" :-)), and they had to condense an entire season of a television show into a 2 hour + movie, but I think they hit the high points.

They even addressed one thing I always thought about the series: Why is it that only Fire Benders don't need a nearby source of their element to bend it? In the movie, every bender needs a source.

Also, it was nice seeing the 'tai chi' style fight elements.

I may still do some other Avatar images in the future (plan on doing more Ty Lee images [got a lot of 'limber' poses I haven't used :-)), and maybe some of the other females (like that Bounty Hunter on the Blind Riding mole)

Also, one final comment that only D&D Geeks might get: Did the wizard who made the Owl Bear move to the World of Avatar? :-)

Practically every critter on that world in a combination of two or three things, with the scariest being the Saber Tooth Moose Lion (Run Away! Run Away!!! :-))

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