Thursday, November 8, 2012

Azula of The Fire Nation

"Flavor Text" for the third image ^_^:
"It seems Azula's guards have captured an intruder into her palace, and she has him taken to her chambers while she contemplates his... punishment"

Yes, that is the Avatar himself behind her, but in my version he is a few years older ^_^
I was trying to be 'artistic' with this one, setting up the scene where you could see her reflection looking back towards the camera (without her neck looking broken), as well as capturing the image of the captive behind her.

Think it came out quite well.

Anyway, I was one of the people who missed out on "Avatar: The Last Airbender" when it was first run on cartoon network.

Recently though, thanks to a friend, I have been watching about 3-4 episodes each week, and like everyone else who saw it, I really like this show.

It is very well written, and the pseudo-anime art style is a nice change from 'standard' anime which looks pretty much the same.

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jungleelf said...

Azula she would be hot if wasn't so crazy to kill you as well sleep with you.