Sunday, November 4, 2012

Asari Sex Animation

Here is my second attempt at an animation, the first one being a She-Hulk image I did HERE

This one features the Ardat-Yakshi from a previoius post and some 'lucky' human she has found to bond with ^_^

This is a VERY short clip of the full animation, which is 30 seconds/53 MB large.

For those wishing to download the full video, here is a download link:

Also, you can view a streaming video of it HERE

I've promised myself for a long time that I would try to do some animation, and finally I have a system that can do it... somewhat.

I discover that my system is still too primitive to do a fully rendered animation, so I had to step down the quality of this one just to get it to render (and make the image very small as well).

Oh, well, at least its better than my first attempt. I'll probably try for more in the future.


wesker1984 said...

This picture get me really aroused!

wesker1984 said...

I mean the animation not the picture, sorry.

george said...


george said...


cable tools said...

Wow, for a second attempt that's really creative. Very good work. Post any new stuff you have. I would be interested to see. cable tools

Rajesh said...

very nice tool