Friday, September 14, 2012

Rogue's Twin

Since I had never 'upgraded' my version of rogue to the Victoria 4 model, I finally decided to give it a try (the 'new' version is the one on the left).

She has pale skin but not as white as the original, her face doesn't have as sharp features (I could tweak that in the future), and I notice now that the Vicky 4 version is slightly smaller than Vicky 3.

I don't know....

I think I still like the 'Vicky 3' version, even if in the end she doesn't have all the 'naughty parts' morphs that the new version has... what do you all think?


evilerk said...

I do like the 3 model better:D

Chup@Cabra said...

yeah, same here; desite its 'faults', I think I'll stick with it for my vesion of Evo Rogue.

tartanninja said...

V4 is so much better looking. The abs, joints and NBMs are vastly superior to V3.

Chup@Cabra said...

to Tartaanninja:
That's the thing, there are some things I like about V4 and some I hate (Concave Butt, Feet Too Big, Ugly Breast Morphs).

Thanks to several third party products, though, most of those problems can be fixed (although I wonder if you need so many 3rd parth things, maybe the original wasn't finished to begin with 9_9 [possible reason for the new Genesis figure, I guess])

I still like the way my Evo Rogue looks, though, espically in the Face Morph/Skin Texture, so I guess I'll stick with V3 for her alone (most of my other renders use V4 nowadays, altough I STILL have stuff for V3 I haven't used yet).