Sunday, September 30, 2012

Mo' Ass Effect

Again, no big concept here; I just had three varieties of 'cut off short shorts' in my library and couldn't think of a real reason to use them, so I put them on Mass Effect babes :-)

The Asari is ment to be no one in particular, and although I used the Quarian on the right as Tali before, I should really just make her a generic, 'unique' one instead (since I can't do her true outfit with my skills).


jungleelf said...

one complaint Tail and Miranda had the Ghetto butts of the female characters so give more next time if you can.

Chup@Cabra said...

Funny thing; now that I am doing a re-play of ME3 (as a Renegade) I've noticed one thing: With EDI in her "Dr. Eva" outfit, she REALLY seems to have quite the rounded rear end ^_^: