Monday, September 24, 2012

At the Tavern

"After assisting local villagers in ridding a nearby system of caves of marauding beasts, a dark skinned elf and her halfling companion retire to the local inn to recuperate from their strenuous activities"

The main reason I did this series of images was to experiment with doing another sexy halfling, one of those fantasy races you don't often see in erotica (pretty much, you don't see much of any of the 'short cake' races).

I have a 'height morph' set that modifies the proportions of the figure in a way that I like, but it has problems with fitting clothing to the new body type/size.

My only other option is to scale down the entire figure, but then it just becomes a very small human, which halflings are not.

I particularly like the way the artist for "Yet Another Fantasy Gamer Comic" draws halflings, and he is probably the first person I saw do halfling 'erotica', in the form of the character Clover Firelight being captured by the Drow (she spent a long time in Arachne's dungeon nude and caged :-)):Clover Escapes Clover Captured (again)

Too bad that the comic isn't as connected to Dungeons and Dragons as it was early on (or that he doesn't draw as much nudity as he used to :-))

I think the main reason many erotic fantasy artist don't do Halflings (or Gnomes or Dwarves) is the false perception that because of their size they come off as children.

However, as the Lord of the Rings movies show (for example) they are just very small adult humans with slightly pointd ears and VERY BIG, HAIRY FEET ^_^

Matter of fact, I don't think I made the halfling's feet quite big enough (it was enough of a pain to put a hair prop atop each foot)

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Lord Crios said...

Really cool and sexy halfling, but my heart is for Greeniee