Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Katy and Elmo

My attempt at an image of Katy Perry and her best, bud, Elmo ^_^ (Thanks Evilerk for the idea :) )

With my version, Elmo looks like he has his cheeks stuffed with walnuts or something :-)

For those who don't know, awhile back a small controversy was caused when Katy filmed a bit for 'Sesame Street', singing a version of her 'Hot and Cold' song with Elmo.

Being a somewhat... busty.... woman, during the bits where she is running in place her chest bounces a little bit (and I stress a little bit), but that was enough for PBS to pull the segment.

The video can be seen HERE
And a news segment on the controversy can be seen HERE

Katy did a 'response' to the whole thing on Saturday Night Live which was very funny (and quite.... bouncy ^_^): Katy on SNL

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evilerk said...

so got a great Katy there..holding some jugs:P..loved her on that SNL skit..that's for making her on such short notice