Monday, June 18, 2012


And because I'm stuck for new ideas lately, here is yet another Velma image (with another hairdo), encountering an ectoplasmic discharge from a ghostly visitor ^_^


DCAALL said...

"Somebody blows their load, and you want to keep it..."

Anonymous said...

If you need more Scooby or Velma related ideas, I can come up with a few.

evilerk said...

Indeed..Scooby and Velma..sounds like a plan..wouldn't mind seeing a few "Ghost whisperer"JLH with some spooks..maybe a few Katy and Elmo too:P..keep up the good stuff!

Chup@Cabra said...

@DCAALL: is that a quote from some movie? I pretty much know a lot of geek related movie quotes, but that one escapes me ^_^

@Anon: Well, I do have a lot of ideas floating around in my head, its just I've been in a doldrums lately for 'real life' reasons, and its interferred with my drive to make images.

@Evilerk: Katy and Elmo? ^_^
Well, I do like me some Katy (two particular parts of her espcially ^_^), but I don't have a face morph for her, and thankfully I don't have a Elmo figure either :-)

But now that I see your name again I am reminded that I haven't done a "Evo Rogue" (or any of the X-Girls) image in a while, so I'll put them on my 'to do' list (I just got a good 'Scarlet Witch' costume, so that's some inspiration ^_^)

evilerk said...

oh yeah Katy's got somehting look forward to anything you got in the works..great stuff as always

DCAALL said...

That's a pornographic alteration of Venkman's line from the library scene in Ghostbusters.