Friday, March 2, 2012

Snake in the Grass

Decided to take a quick break from "Old Republic" (got my Ship, Yay! ;-) ), to do a quickie render of a disturbingly sexy demoness from the D&D game, a Marilith (or as we old fogies know her, a Type V).


DCAALL said...

Nothing quite like a naughty naga to treat the snake in your pants

Gothica639 said...

I had a Marilith in my Planescape campaign as the main antagonist. Her bonus was that, not only did she have an amulet that masked her alignment, she also had magical abilities, specifically shapeshifting. No one figured out until about 4/5 through the campaign that the tiefling with both the light scaly skin and incredible sexual appetite (she'd gone through each of the part members at least six times) was actually the very creature they were supposed to be hunting. :)