Monday, December 26, 2011

Old Republic Jedi

With the new MMO "Old Republic" coming out, I was inspired to do another Star Wars themed image; this one featuring an as-yet-unnamed Zabrak female Jedi.

Also, in one of those oh so rare moments, I didn't give her particularly Big Uns' (although that could change at any time in future images :-) ).

I don't own the game yet myself; I'm going to wait until I get that fabled 'new system' that can run high end games like Old Republic (maybe by that long off date the game will actually go down in price, or even go Free to Play [I was suprised at how quickly DC Online went FTP]).

I may do images of her in a saber combat with a equally sexy Twi'lek Sith in the future :-)


SueNDan said...

El Gato! Como estas? Este es Dan (Sue y Dan de PR) escribenos!

Chup@Cabra said...

Well, thank you for the comment, although I'm not exactly certain what was said (I'm afraid I don't speak spanish, and bablefish wasn't much help ^_^):

The Cat! How are you? This it is Give (Sue and Dan of PR) escribenos