Sunday, September 4, 2011

Klingon Princess 1

"In a slightly altered reality from the one we know, a Princess of the Klingons holds aloft the prize her and her allies have fought many blood soaked battles to win... the sword of the would-be ruler Khaless, which she took out of his own dead hands.

"Now the Klingon empire will burn a path of Glory across the heavens, with herself as its new Queen!"

This character was a bit unusual to set up:
I don't have a Klingon head ridges morph for the Vicky 4 model, but I do have several excellent ones for the Vicky 3 model.

So what I did was use only the head/neck from the Vicky 3, and parent it to the body of the Vick 4.  there were gaps, but the collar of the armor and the hair on the head helped cover it up).  I think it came out okay

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