Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Bellatrix Lestrange 1

My attempt at the character Bellatrix LeStrange from "Harry Potter" (the movie versions, anyway).
Bellatrix Lestrange Wiki

I always found the actress who played her, Helena Bohnam Carter, sexy in a strange, skinny sort of way ^_^
I'm not that big a fan of the Potter books/films, but I went to see the last movie with some friends who were, and liked it well enough (Spoiler: They killed Snape, my favorite character :-(  ).

System still acting weird; I tried to render with reflections in the mirror, but this time my entire system shut down instead of just the poser program (WTF?!?); so I had to render without shadows or reflections.

Oh well; I liked how it came out (may have to tweak her face in future images, though).

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