Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Annakin's Apprentice 1A

Here is another take on Ahsoka Tano, apprentice to the Jedi Annakin Skywalker; this time using an outfit made by fellow Poser artist Chimera 46:.

Actually, its not entirely the outfit he made. I used the excellent Montail prop, and everything else except the skirt and skin texture.

I picked a skirt out of my library that was MUCH shorter (to look sexier :-) ), and I used my a skin texture I had made by the artist Sensei earlier (although the one he has is great, it doesn't have the body tats I wanted as well).


DCAALL said...

Ahsoka is totally jailbait. It's a little disturbing, actually, how sexy they try and make a 13-something year old alien...

Chup@Cabra said...

Her original outfit was too revealing for whatever age she was supposed to be (by the tube top alone, much less the 'miniskirt').

Many artists have done as I have, though, and just advanced her age while leaving her in the same outfit.

Even in the show she is now older, though: She's taller, her face has elongated, and parts of her anatomy have gotten bigger....

I mean her "Head Tails" ^_^

Anonymous said...

Back like a badass! Good to see you working again :)

I can't get enough of your work.

Chup@Cabra said...

Thanks! ^_^

Barring another crash of my ancient (6+ year old) system, I'm back to stay.

I promise to do more XXX Rated stuff soon, but lately the 'pin up' stuff is just easier (and I've been feeling lazy lately ^_^)