Monday, June 6, 2011

Clover Firelight, Assassin

Here is my first image inspired by "Yet Another Fantasy Gamer Comic", of the character Clover Firelight (who 's first appearance was as an assassin working for the Barony of Grayfort):
This one isn't too naughty, I wanted to share this with the YAFGC forum, so I'll keep it clean (initially ^_^).

Since she does appear as a nude slave to the drow in the comic, though, I'll be doing more of her like that later (once my system stops acting wonky again).

I haven't done a hardcore series in quite awhile, I know; partly because of my system problems lately, and partly because DeviantArt has kind of spoiled me on 'Pin Up' poses.

I promise I'll get back to hardcore stuff soon, though (gotta stay true to my roots ^_^).

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