Sunday, May 22, 2011

Sands of Athas

Well, here is my first render after my OS Reinstall/Stupidity Attack (forgot to move a LOT of things I used from my drive before overwriting it :-().

This is an image ment to represent a Mul gladiator (half-human/half dwarf hybrid) from the world of Athas of the "Dark Sun" campaign setting:

I was inspired to do this image because I found a copy of the old "Shattered Lands" PC game set on Athas:

Despite its cheesiness compared to modern day games, it was really a pretty good game, with a good plot within it and faithfully represented the 2nd Edition AD&D rules. If you want to play it on modern systems, though, you'll need a DOS emulator like DOS Box:

Finally, this is the first image where I have used my new logo made for me by Neoygdrassil [again, thanks buddy! :-) ).

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DCAALL said...

I wouldn't mind challenging her to a "duel"...