Friday, April 8, 2011

Metal and Muscle 1

"The overly sexual Jennifer Walters from the alternate universe finds another male besides Juggernaut who can match her own prowess in love making without being severly injured in the process" ^_^

There is really no need for me to have called this version the 'alternate universe' She-Hulk that slept with Juggernaut in the actual comics, but sometimes I feel a need to 'justify' my images a little bit :-)


Anonymous said...

Nice work,how about shehulk and more villans,
Crusher creel,abamnation,or crossover with doomsday,lobo,darsyde,bizaro,
Or female villanes having there way with her

Chup@Cabra said...

Hmmm... I may do something of a crossover later; although it may be with a certain reporter from the Daily Planet (and maybe his 'cousin' ^_^)