Sunday, April 3, 2011

Mass Effect-Dr. Chakwas and Kelly Chambers

"Kelly Chambers visits the office of Dr. Chakwas 'after hours' to discuss with the good Doctor her own growing feelings for Commander Sheppard.

"The Doctor breaks out a bottle of unusual brandy that she and the Commander had shared a few hours before, and before they knew it, Kelly was 'demonstrating' to Chakwas a dance routine she intends to perform for Sheppard, assuming they survive the mission, that is"

I was inspired to do this image by a couple of things:

As of this writing there is new DLC available for Mass Effect 2 (and my XBox is still broken!!! *sob* :-( ).

I recently saw some Dr. Chakwas images by an artist by the name of Mr. Butt2: HERE

This is about the only female in the ME Universe you don't see "Rule 34' material about, and since I have been known to do 'mature women' images before, I decided to give it a try :-)

I'm not too happy with the hair I picked for either character, though.

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