Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Happy 420!

A quick image featuring the Goth Chick from the previous image, to celebrate this unusual 'holiday' :-)

I never knew of the significance of April 20th until watching G4 TV (and History Channel, strangely enough) last year or so, and learned that 'stoners' consider it a day to congregate together and partake of the 'herb' ^_^:

The reason for the Swastika in the background is that April 20th also happens to be Adolph Hitler's birthday, of all things.

Finally, the reason for the Dread Necronomicon?  Well, if you partake in mind altering substances, it could lead you to do unwise things, like reciting a summoning spell from said Book of Evil (and you saw where that got her, huh? :-) ).

Disclamer: The Chup@Cabra does not endorse the use of any illegal mind altering substances ^_^

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DCAALL said...

She should use the Necronomicon to take a hit from Eebee the Evil Bong! Love this chick and hope to see more of her. She reminds me a little of what my own Robyn DeGrave might've looked like while she was still alive!