Monday, March 14, 2011

Mass Effect: Shepard Reborn

I found a armor outfit over at ShareCG that looked a lot like some of the armor/space suits you see in Mass Effect.
Unfortunately, it was made for a male figure, so I had to use a conversion program and a 'magnet set' to fit it to the female figure I use.

In the end, there were too many deformations in the chest plate to allow for large boobs, so I just colored the character's chest the same color as the armor, and expanded them past the chest armor :-)

Not too happy with this one, the corridor she is standing is bulging in strange ways; that sometimes happens with certain 'set pieces' when you set the render to 'smooth polygons' (pretty much necessary when you make boobs as large as I do ^_^).

Still eagerly waiting for ME 3, and I'll probably do some more ME images before then (thinking about a Samara and another Miranda, this time using the Face Shop program to get something closer to their likenesses)

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