Thursday, March 3, 2011

Bayou Bigguns

"A resident of the Deep Swampland in New Orleans watches the moon rise with a jug from a fresh batch of Moonshine, her corncob pipe, and her little pet to keep away those pesky 'revenuers' (and unwanted gentlemen callers ^_^)."

This was initially going to be 'Farmer's Daughter Take Two", but then I saw I had an alligator in my library and decided to set it in the swamp instead (that's not to say she doesn't have the same... 'condition'... as the Farmer's daughter from earlier in my gallery ^_^ ).

I may do more 'naughty' images with her in the future (and the ubiqutious door to door salesman ^_^) and move this image to the top, if it has no responses before then.


Anonymous said...

oh to be a door to door salesman in that neighborhood!!!!

jungleelf said...

you think she be opposed to a little 'chocolate' in her diet.