Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Big Booty Orcs

I was inspired to create this one by something I saw at another forum, where someone made a comment on a similar image of a female orc having "Niggah lips!!" :-(

Racist as the comment was, it made me think of making my own orc women with African-American features; although in this case big Jiggly Butts :-)

I didn't give them huge juggs in this image because of something I"ve notices by viewing clips from sites like "30 Ounce Bounce" (that specializes in Big Butt videos ^_^); women with this body build don't often have large breasts; its almost like the body fat that settles there in many women was re-apportioned elsewhere on the body, huh? :-)


DCAALL said...

Perfect recruitment poster for the Horde.

"Zug-Zug! Sign up now for big butt action!"

Yeah, I'd sign up...

Chup@Cabra said...

LOL! ^_^

Its been awhile since I played WoW, but didn't the orcs occasionally actually say "Zug-Zug"?

Even worse, do they know where that term comes from? The movie "Caveman", starring Ringo Starr, where the cavemen used it to refer to Sex ^_^

jungleelf said...

I'm human and i would join the Horde to get a piece of that.