Sunday, January 16, 2011

Galaxy of Terror 1

The genesis for this series of images comes from a couple of sources.

The first is a old movie by Roger Corman called "Galaxy of Terror".  It was one of the many rip-offs of the movie "Alien", but it is probably best known for a sequence in it where a female crew member of a spaceship is assaulted by a manifestation of her fears (worms and sex), in the form of a giant tentacled Space Worm that raped her 9_9:

From what the wiki entry says, the scene was originally more erotic than what ended in the movie; and I personally think it started what I call 'americanized' Tentacle Hentai ^_^

The second inspiration is a short comic series based on that scene done by an artist known as Shin (he has long since dissapeared from the web, though).  That comic can be found HERE

I'm not that happy with the color I chose for her spacesuit (didn't think it would be so dark), but she didn't keep it on long anyway :-)

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