Friday, December 10, 2010

Elven Protector 1

"A fellowship of adventurers presents themselves to a local Elven Princess, hoping to obtain aid from her in an upcoming quest.

"A large, intimidating Orc steps before her, and with a low growl makes it known he intends to protect her from all harm.

"However, the look of the Princess as her protector steps before her makes it known that she has... other... things on her mind than helping a band of rag-tag 'adventurers" ^_^

The genisis of this series stems from me seeing other images involving Orc/Elf erotica, where the Orc is most often shown forcing itself on the elf maid.

I thought why not show a scene where its consensual, for a change?  Half-orcs can be produced this way as well ^_^

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Nxtm4n said...

How about a series where an elf forces itself on the orc maid?