Monday, August 2, 2010

Klingon Captive 3

"Placing her Bat'leth before her, the Klingon diplomat kneels before it, places the mouth restraint about her head, and looks up to her Romulan lover.

"Having played this 'game' many times before, the Romulan knows just what her dark skinned companion is expecting, and proceeds to get the 'negotiations' underway".

This one took awhile because of the mirror 'Headboard', I finally had to make only the Romulan and the bed visible in the mirror to get the image to render; you'll notice I didn't include a reflective mirror in the rest of the series.

Not quite what you were expecting from the first two images, is it?

Let me see if I can explain my reasoning:

Although I am not into BDSM myself, I've seen enough about it on the net and elsewhere to understand some things.  First off is that it is a Sexual Fetish, and as such isn't something that people would admit to 'normal' society.

In Human society, it is even more 'strange' for a man to want to be dominated by a female (since most human societies are Male Dominant).  Any man who wanted to engage in Feminine dominant BDSM would certainly not want it to be known.

Now lets extrapolate that to the Star Trek Universe: The Klingons consider themselves the best Warriors in the galaxy, male or female, second to none.

If a Klingon warrior were to have a secret BDSM fetish, it wouldn't be for the opposite, 'weaker' sex to be dominating them, but probably from one of the races they consider their inferiors.  The Romulans have been their adversaries/allies on and off through Trek history, so I decided to make the Klingon's Romulan lover the Dominant in this relationship (although only for Sex Play).

Also, let me make one final comment:  I personally am not, I repeat, NOT, into the BDSM fetish myself; its just amazing all the sex oriented stuff you can find out there for poser, including a potentially disturbing amount of BDSM props (mostly made by people in Japan, appropriately enough ^_^).

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