Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Klingon Captive

Just one image again this week, revisiting the 'Star Trek' universe :-)

The kneeling woman is ment to be a Romulan (has the correct face morph for one), but you can only really tell with a close-up.

Again I decided to use one of my Black skins in this image, since it was pointed out in another forum that you don't see many black females in render art out there.

I may go back and do a nude, B.E. version of this image, although this light set caused me some problems (Poser crapped out twice trying to do this image, had to do one pass for the top half and another for the bottom).

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Busty Bug Hunters 1

"Captain Andreason is the leader of a "Bug Hunter" squad, part of the military branch of the secret government anti-alien infiltration organization Majectic-12.

"Some intel indicates that a possible 'Xenormorph Incursion' has taken place in a small town in Texas, where some homeless have dissapeared near particular sewer grates.

"She and her squad have been sent to investigate, and, if necessary, 'sanction' all xenoforms found in the area".

I mentioned in a much earlier post how I once had a taste for japanese 'tentacle' hentai, but lost my taste for it over time, mostly due to its subject matter.

However, recently I just found some 'horror movie' related props and parts, and my mind just drifted into this 'storyline', so I decided to go ahead and do it anyway, despite my distaste for the subject these days.

I will, however, do an eventual 'rescue' series to salve my conscience ^_^

Busty Bug Hunters 2

"The captain of the squad proceeds down the dark, dank sewer way, when suddenly a moment of dizziness overtakes her.

"She turns around to find her fellow squad mate has somehow dissapeared; she starts to call out to her over the comm link when suddenly some foul, slimy, snake-like thing wraps itself about her body and begins to pull her back.

"She can hear something breathing behind her, and the first flickers of panic begin to set in.  She unloads her weapon, trying to get a good shot at whatever is pulling her back, to no effect.

"In the last moments before sheer terror grips her mind, she sees that she is being drawn into the maw of some unearthly, cthonic beast, that has seemed to just pass through the sewer wall as if it weren't there at all!"

Busty Bug Hunters 3A


"The Captain is drawn into the maw of the alien beast by its grasping 'tongue'.  
"She feels all of her equipment being melted away as she passes down the worm's 'throat', feeling she is about to suffocate until finally her head emerges into a foul smelling cavity that disturbingly reminds her of some gigantic stomach.
"Above her float some beasts out of a nightmare, and one sack like creature, with a toothed maw, descends directly towards her head!"

Busty Bug Hunters 3B

A view to see the 'mouth' of the "Head Hugger" ^_^

Busty Bug Hunters 3C

A view from beneath.

Busty Bug Hunters 4A

"The alien beast completes its descent over her head, and the Captain can feel other tendrils extrude from this stomach-like cavity to invade her in every possible way, both physically and mentally.

"At the same moment, some strange ichor is being injected into her body, causing her breasts to swell to enourmous size, and release some caustic liquid that burns the ground as it lands"

 Hey, you know me, had to include some Breast Expansion into this 'story', huh? ^_^

Busty Bug Hunters 4B

"She feels the sack like beast engulf her head, and its sharp, needle like teeth pierce the flesh about her throat.

"Suddenly she feels no sensation in her lower body, and tries to scream as she comes to the shocking conclusion that this beast has bitten her head off!!

"She realized that she is still alive, though; somehow this creature is keeping her alive for some hideous purpose".

A close up to show the expression behind the 'mask'; I played around with the transparency of the mask a lot until I finally made it 95% transparent so you could see her face.

Busty Bug Hunters 4C

A reverse view to see the 'action' going on, and the fact that the poor Captain has sprouted an alien 'fin' along her back.

Busty Bug Hunters 5

"Her horriffic transformation now complete, the former captain of the Bug Hunting squad is released back into our reality, obeying whispers like sharp nails on the surface of her mind to kill all she finds"

Don't know if I'll do another series like this, unless I find more props that lead me down this particular 'horror-movie'-like path

I may still go back and do a 'rescue' image though (how can the captain be rescued when her head has been swallowed by some monster? Stay tuned! ^_^)

Monday, July 12, 2010

Inviting Orcess 1A

"An Orcess invites a human warrior to begin negotiations for peace between her tribe and the human village bordering hers". ^_^

Not much from me this week, just this image (and its alternate view).

This is really an excuse to use yet another 'naughty parts' prop, although I had to do a little re-coloring of it to match the orc's skin tone (and still leave the 'inside' natural colored ^_^).

It wasn't really ment for 'pornographic' images, but of course that won't stop me.

She'll probably appear again in a "NC-17" series featuring the so far unseen human warrior :-)

Inviting Orcess 1B

A view from the side.

I'm also using another set of muscle morphs for this character just to test them out; don't have any clothing to fit this particular set, though, so just like the Dwarf she will be mostly nude :-)

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Cyberpunk Fairy

Another of those times I'm too wasted to come up with any snappy 'flavor text' for this image :-)

Its really just an excuse to use a new 'sci-fi bikini' on the fairy I used in an earlier image (the markings on her skin are more like circuitry than spell glyphs anyway).

Monday, July 5, 2010

Symbols of Freedom

A belated 4th of July image from me, featuring some iconic symbols of America: Hot Dogs, Baseball, and Apple Pie (well, Cherry in this case [couldn't find an apple pie prop ^_^]).

I think the appropriate words here are "Yum!", "Play Ball!", and "Salute!" :-)

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Officer On Patrol

This is more of a non-X-Rated "Pin Up" shot of the black Police Woman.

You might not be able to tell, but except for the face morph and the skin texture, this is yet again the same body morph I have been using for "Velma" lately (it reminds me of the body types that Frank Frazetta used for the women in his works).

Officer In Distress 2A

"Her captor introduces the Police Woman to some new uses for her nightstick" :-)

Officer In Distress 2B

A rear 'action' view ^_^

Officer In Distress-Test

This was actually the first render I did, but I didn't like both the shadows, and the fact that the 'wood' texture I used for the ground looked more like mud :-/

Friday, July 2, 2010

Officer in Distress

Did this image to for someone on another forum, who wanted to see a sexy black police woman in 'distress' ^_^